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How we work (Drivers)

create an account.

All you need is an email address, phone number, driving license, CPC, NI number and Bank Account details (This is all done securely within our app). To download the app, go to the App Store or Google Play. 

Enter your preferences.

Open the app and simply enter the type of work you’re looking for (Class 1, Class 2, Trunking etc.) for the rate you would like and our app will connect you to appropriate haulage companies 

Finding work.

Using the preferences you have selected, the app will find you appropriate jobs, whilst also showcasing you to haulage companies

Applying or accepting an offer.

Simply click to apply and the application will send you a notification once accepted. Your work will automatically be scheduled into your diary, where you can plan up 3 weeks of work, no more waiting for a call from an agency!

RATING your job.

Let us know how your job went. You can give the haulier a compliment as well as rate them out of 5 stars. If the company and work is to your liking, favourite them to be notified about upcoming jobs. This is a 2 way system so professional drivers will be rewarded and noticed


Our payroll system is open and honest, as a driver you will receive a significantly better pay rate than a standard agency. You will be paid at the end of the month with no break deductions.


How we work (Hauliers)


Avail is always open to new companies, So when you need drivers, open the app and login.


Once logged in you will be able to create postings for jobs, specifying the the type of work, rate, class of license required etc.


The app makes it easy to post and manage jobs, allocating the selected driver to the appropriate job. The schedule screen will allow you track the progress of all completed, in progress and finished jobs, so all your data is in one place. Haulers can post and allocate jobs up to 3 weeks in advance, creating a more effective and transparent service.


Easily track your agency spend using our in app administration, providing with a full automated invoice. You will also be able to look into each individual job which will present you with all the information regarding that specific job(s)


Avail’s 2-way rating system helps to promote good work practices and reward hard working individuals and companies. Drivers and Hauliers will be asked to provide feedback on every trip.

Please note - Although we are active, we may not be in your area yet as we are in the introductory stage. Please register your interest to find out if we are in your area, if we aren’t you will get an email notification once we are!


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