10 ways to guarantee you get the most out of Avail.

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HGV Drivers, We’ve put together a list of tips that will help you get the most out of our application!

1.     Ensure all your details are filled out Correctly

When you first receive your login details for the Avail app, you will be prompted to fill in your details. The reason for this is to:

a)    Ensure you are legal to work in the UK

b)    Ensure you get paid on time and correctly

c)     Ensure you have the licenses (Class 1 / Class 2/ CPC Etc.) that you have stated in your profile.  

You will not be able to start work until all the above has been confirmed, so by entering the incorrect information or missing bits out will only delay you getting started.

2.     Bring the right equipment

For every driving job, you should bring the following: 

a)    Hi-Vis

b)    Safety Boots

c)    CPC Card

d)    Driving license

e)    Hard-Hat

f)     Night-out kit

Although you may not need these, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Not having this equipment is will likely result in a haulier giving you a lower star rating, having an overall impact on your ability to get selected for jobs.

 3.     Drivers, don’t forget your Manners 

Need we go into this? Be polite, be respectful and treat others as you want to be treated.

Abusive language, poor manners and rudeness will get your star rating decreased and in some cases, banned for the application.

4.     Turn up for the jobs you have won

Once you’ve been selected for a job, please (and we cannot stress this enough) turn up on time and ready to work.

We understand that emergencies/illness happen and that’s fine if you notify the contact for the company you are to be working for. No shows and invalid reasons will not be tolerated by Avail, this will seriously affect your rating and can make it difficult for you to find jobs.

5.     Be presentable and punctual 

Now, when we say be presentable, we don’t mean turn up in a dinner jacket and bow tie, clean and ironed clothes will suffice.

6.     Engage with us on social media

Follow our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up to date with the latest jobs, application update, blogs, tips and tricks.

7.     Invite your friends

Avail exists via the community that you create. The more users we have on the application the more hauliers we attract.

More hauliers = more jobs.

8.     Check the app daily 

Checking the app and getting to grips with its functionality quickly is the key to success whilst using Avail.

Although you will be notified once jobs come online, being on the app will ensure you get the best chance at finding the job you want.

9.     Plan your jobs effectively

Ensure that you plan your time efficiently and effectively, don’t apply for jobs you are not 100% sure you can make, letting companies down will have an adverse effect on your rating.

10.  Avail is YOUR business too, treat it as such

Our platform will give you all the tool to find Class 1 / Class 2 driving work, discover new companies and get your maximum earning potential. Treat this as your own business because without our community we don’t exist.