Forget everything you know about the traditional agency.


Who we are.

Avail is a unique mobile software agency that allows HGV drivers to connect with hauliers and logistics managers to find temporary drivers.

  • Receive fair treatment without a middleman taking a large slice of pay / rates

  • Hauliers Reduce the costs of sourcing temporary HGV drivers / Drivers can enjoy improved rates of pay

  • Benefit from a system that is transparent and easy to use

  • Improve the way of identifying, communicating and working with the right drivers / companies

  • Enjoy more flexibility and control

Avail has been established by a team of experienced directors with a strong background in the sector and have covered both roles as a HGV driver and a Logistics Manager.

The current problem.

Avail believe there are several issues with the use of the traditional agencies for both driver and company including:


Lower wages for drivers due to the large traditional agency fee


Companies end up paying more as they still need to maintain a minimum wage for drivers after an agency fee.


No direct channel between driver and haulier so quality of either can be hard to gauge / unknown.


Time consuming for company staff as they must allow agencies to go to numerous drivers to confirm that a contract will be filled.  

Our solution.

Avail is a unique mobile software agency, aimed solely at the temporary employment industry efficiently matching temporary HGV drivers with contracts posted by companies. The product works on a Smartphone, tablet and web browser application.

The application uses specially designed software that is innovative to this sector allowing drivers to locate and accept temporary work without the need of agencies.  The pricing structure of the application is such that is allows HGV drivers to attract a better rate of pay for their services whilst at the same time, reducing the overall cost to hauliers.

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“Avail takes managing agency workers into the 21st century: the application is easy to use for staff and drivers, you are constantly in control of your spend, we are not restricted by agency office hours and we know a fair reward is paid to the driver.”

MW |  Operations director at JODA freight