Sean Davies’s truck which helps him along with his cleaning.

Sean Davies’s truck which helps him along with his cleaning.



A Q and A with Sean Davies, A DRiver who goes out his way daily to clean up areas in Britain between DELIVERIES.

I find myself being more and more passionate about how we look after the planet, every day on my commute to the work I drive past a “popular” fly-tipping site and I mean, I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so whoever keeps doing this clearly drives out of their way to dump unwanted goods and rubbish there. Which begs the question, if you are driving all that way, why not just go to the local tip?

Anyway, that's just one instance of the rubbish and plastic waste we all notice daily on our roadsides, epically as drivers. The amount of waste I’ve seen is ridiculous and I’ll hold my hands up here and say that yes I do moan about it and I'll pick the odd bottle up if its close by, but other than that I don’t do much more, I wish I did. Then the other day I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I’d noticed the name Sean Davies in a couple of the Facebook groups I was in and he often posts images of him cleaning up huge areas during his breaks and when he pulls up for the night.

Plastic pollution is the leading cause of threat to wildlife right now.

Plastic pollution is the leading cause of threat to wildlife right now.

When I’m referring to this I’m not just saying he picks up a few bits and places them in the bin, Sean actively takes bin bags etc with him and can easily fill 5 or 6 a time, cleaning one spot at time as he travels around the country making his deliveries. At Avail, we don’t think that should go unnoticed, in fact, we think it should be rewarded and praised.

So we managed to get in contact with the class 2 driver Sean and arranged to have a little chat with him, to see why he got into driving and why he has taken it upon himself to clean up Great Britain’s streets:

Q: So thanks for speaking to us Sean, my first question really is and always should be, how long have you been driving for?

A: I’ve been driving since 2002, it really appealed to me from a young age as I think it does with most drivers. I much prefer the idea of being out on the road than sitting in an office or working in the same warehouse all day. Its the freedom you don’t get with other jobs I guess!

Q: So obviously you’ve been driving for a long time and the reason we are speaking is to talk about the great work you do by cleaning up local areas in between delivering all over the country, when did you decide to start cleaning up?

A: I think it was around one year ago, I was parked up looking around and I thought to myself, this is just wrong and something needs to be done about it, and that's when it all started

Sean says that he see areas like this around Britain daily

Sean says that he see areas like this around Britain daily

Q: I can tell by this conversation that you take this really serious and it's something you’re very passionate about, would you say that's a fair observation?

A: Yeah I think it is, going back to what we were discussing earlier, its the main reason why I started cleaning up these lay-bys because frankly, I'm embarrassed and ashamed of how “some” lorry drivers leave them. We aren’t the most popular people in the industry some days and it's causing us to lose parking areas for overnighting, all because of a bad bunch of drivers can’t be bothered to clean up after themselves, its disgraceful.

Q: To be honest Sean, I absolutely admire your passion for this, do you always keep your cleaning equipment with you and how often do you do it?

A: Pretty much every time I park up on a night or just during my break, especially at night as I’m going to park up around 9 hours overnight anyway so I might as well do something. I’ve always got my bin bags with me and litter picker, I’m always ready!

Q: That's fantastic, obviously you get a lot of attention on Facebook from other drivers, but what does your family say about this? Surely they must be proud of what you are doing?

A: Yeah, my family thinks it is great! Not only do they love the fact I’m cleaning up but they also think it's great that I’m getting up and being active, more than your stereotypical trucker anyway!

Q: Well Sean, as I said earlier, I think what you do is fantastic and we at Avail absolutely love it! Is there anything you’d like to say to drivers out there, in hope of inspiring them to do the same?

A: Well thank you, its been a pleasure and feels great to be recognised! Yeah I’d just like to say just give it a go, it takes 30 minutes of your time to clean up and I know it sounds cliche but, if we all do our part we can make the country a nicer place.