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Staying healthy behind the wheel

As drivers we all fall into the trap of not eating healthy, the temptation of a burger king or McDonalds as you pull into services when you’re having a bad day, glancing down at your lunch and thinking “Nah, ill eat it tomorrow” next thing you know its 3 days old and needs throwing in the bin, don’t worry though, we’ve all done it and because of that I’m writing this blog to help keep yourself and other drivers healthy whilst at work.


keeping drivers on the right road - a mental health blog

Mental health, it’s the one thing we all love to ignore isn’t it?


The local, everyday, hgv hero

A Q&A with Sean Davies, A driver who does out his way daily to clean up area in britain between deliveries.


Avail’s top 5 driving podcasts

We know that driving all day with the same radio station or playlist can get tedious, there are only so many songs you can listen to in a week right? We’ve compiled a list of podcasts that will keep you focused whilst out on the road.


The heavy goods hero

Simon Smith has been a truck driver for the last 27 years. He is an ex Paratrooper who joined the regiment in 1992, this is where he obtained his HGV class 2 license which has led to him at his current role at Fergusons transport based in Plymouth which is a general haulage company. Now, the reason we are speaking to Simon is because he went above and beyond his job as a lorry driver and saved a woman who was in a dark place and decided that her only option was to jump from a 35ft bridge onto the motorway…


THe hgv driver training mentor

Meet the man changing the way potential and newly qualified class 1 and class 2 drivers find training and helping shape the future of this industry.


Our simple guide to Tachograph rules.

Drivers, we know how complicated european tachograph regulations can be, that’s why we’ve put together this simplified guide. Make sure you don’t get caught out.