The HGV Driver Training Mentor

Meet Paul, Owner and MD of Training Mentor. A website dedicated to finding new drivers the best training in their local area.

Meet Paul, Owner and MD of Training Mentor. A website dedicated to finding new drivers the best training in their local area.


Meet the man changing the way heavy goods Drivers find training and helping evolve the HGV driving industry….

Training mentor was designed to ensure learners get the best quality HGV training courses for the right price. They want your hard-earned money to be spent with the most reputable company in your local area and avoid getting caught out by scams or misleading advertising.

All feedback scores you see on their site have been verified as genuine, meaning you can feel confident you are booking with a trusted, local business. And it’s not just LGV training they can help with, they list companies who offer all kinds of transport training courses!

We managed to catch up with the MD Paul Weller to find out a little more about him and his HGV Driver trainer company, we hope that anyone looking for Class1 or Class2 training (new or licences upgrades) can use this site to ensure they get the best quality service:

Great to meet you paul, my first question is how long have you been driving? 

I passed my HGV tests in 2008. This was back when it was compulsory to test in a manual with at least 8 gears, and the truck was unladen.

How long have you been an HGV instructor? 

I have been training drivers for 7 years now. I started working with the M.O.D training the Army and then moved into civilian training. For some time I operated a small school of my own with a couple of trucks, now I just do freelance work as it works well alongside running Training Mentor.

So tell us, What is Training Mentor? is a website I created to provide transparency to the HGV and transport training industry. Through my experience as a trainee, instructor, and training school owner I’ve seen how badly regulated the sector is. There’s virtually no accountability for HGV training schools to deliver good service, and misleading information and unsubstantiated claims are everywhere. Not to mention brokers, who mislead customers into thinking they’re booking with a training school, when in fact they’re dealing with a middleman. It’s been a bit of a free-for-all until now.

I see, well it's great you doing something about it! When did you start Training Mentor?

About 18 months ago, although it’s hard to pin down an exact date as the first few members were essentially ‘beta’ testers, testing the site out and reporting back bugs and issues. As I ironed out the problems, I naturally picked up new members. At the last count, there are 400 businesses listed with a membership of 116, but this is growing every week.

What was it that made you get into it? 

Hearing stories from trainees who’d been ripped off, lied to, treated badly, or given substandard training. When you’ve got someone in front of you who’s lost £1000s to a scam all you want to do is help them. As a HGV training school owner, I could give them the right training and advice, and get them back on track towards achieving their goal, but the Inspiration for starting a national site like Training Mentor was knowing that I could potentially help hundreds of people at once, not just one or two.

What do you hope to achieve with it?

The main goal of Training Mentor is to connect consumers who need training with reputable training providers in their local area. We’re already doing this, but my aim is always to be bigger, better etc. The more people I can help, the more satisfaction I get from running it.

The secondary function of the website is to make all training providers accountable for their standards by displaying genuine customer feedback for all to see.

What are the biggest challenges?

In an industry that’s plagued by scams and mistrust, one of my hardest battles is convincing training providers that there’s nothing to fear about my site and there’s no catch! I genuinely want to help HGV training providers get more business and create more trust in the

industry. Honesty is such an alien concept to many of them that often people are reluctant to listen and it takes way longer than it should to get a company signed up.

What milestones have you hit? 

There’s been a few, last year Training Mentor passed 100 registered members which was a big one. Also, Google started showing ‘Seller Ratings’ on Training Mentor search results, and there’s a handful of companies that when you search their name, their Training Mentor page appears above their website in Google which shows how well the site performs!

Seeing our vehicle stickers displayed on training vehicles all over the UK is quite cool too. Probably the most memorable one though was recently having a trainee tell me how he’d found the school I was working for on Training Mentor, he then explained to me about the website and how useful it was. It took him a while to realise I wasn’t joking when I told him it was my website!

What are your plans for the future?

The site is currently undergoing a major overhaul to improve overall performance. I’m also looking to speak to hauliers about getting stickers placed on commercial trucks so we can try and get as many potential new drivers the right training as possible. With a shortage of HGV drivers, it’s vital that we nurture those who choose this career path and don’t let them get caught out by a scam or book poor quality training, and brand awareness is key to this.

We at Avail think this is an absolutely fantastic idea and love the idea of business like this and ourselves who go that extra mile to help the HGV driving community. If you are looking for training or advice head over to and find local HGV training providers in your area.