Getting Paid, The Right Way


GEtting paid via avail is simple, so you can sit back and relax knowing you’ll be paid on time, with the right money…

At Avail, we partner with Exceed Outsourcing, they have been providing umbrella company payroll solutions to drivers since 2013. Their umbrella payroll is the easiest way to get paid for agency work with Avail. A simple PAYE solution with minimal administration and a wealth of additional benefits.
Their service is used extensively by Avail contractors and freelance drivers. It is low cost, compliant with all relevant legislation, attracts a heap of benefits and is possibly the easiest way to get paid for temporary assignments.
Umbrella Payroll Contractor Benefits

  • Avoid the hassle of moving your tax code when you change agency

  • Drivers negligence insurance cover as standard

  • Huge discounts and cashback opportunities at thousands of top retailers

  • Simple, pay-as-you-go charging structure with no hidden costs

  • Help getting money back from HMRC on expenses incurred as part of your work

  • Your own relationship officer, to help with all aspects of your contracting life

  • Receiving the right money, at the right time, every time

  • All tax and NI paid at source, so no risk of HMRC demanding more in the future

Exceed Outsourcing is a preferred supplier for many of the UK’s largest agencies. Exceed will employ you, issue invoices for the services you perform and chase for payment. When money is received, they will pay you on the same day via their normal payroll, with right levels of tax and NI deducted.
You can track each timesheet from start to finish, letting you make the most of your precious time. No more calling up to find out when you’re getting paid, just have a quick look on your phone. Even if you don’t have time to track it yourself, they will text you as soon as your wages are on their way. Life’s complicated enough, without your employer making things harder. That's why we at Avail have partnered with Exceed Umbrella to make things easier.

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