Avails Top HGV Drivers 5 Podcast Picks


We know that driving all day with the same radio station can get very tedious, there is only so many times you can listen to same 20 songs on repeat in a week, so we’ve compiled a list of Top 5 podcasts. Podcasts are great as they offer a variety of topics, comedy, facts and engaging conversation, why not try them out? You never know you might learn a few things in the process:


1. The Infinite monkey cage

 If like us at Avail you are into your science facts and well, basically just Brian Cox, then this is the podcast for you! A Welcome respite for rationalists and science fans everywhere, a balance of engaging anecdote/comedy and in-depth scientific conversation this podcast continues to amuse, refresh and provide insight into the fascinating world of evidence-based information. Each episode also has different guests from a variety of mostly science backgrounds that can expand on the episode subject matter. It's never too technical meaning that anyone can enjoy it and learn something. It is genuinely interesting and fun to listen to.


 2. Old School DJ

Love a good old dancefloor filler? This is the podcast for you, with sets of different styles, the best of all the decades and different Dj's from the old school, all the way from 90’s Carl Cox, Sasha all the way through to Craig David and Artful Dodger.


 3. That Peter Crouch Podcasts

 I wouldn’t consider myself a big football fan but this podcast will be loved by those who don’t either, Peter Crouch and his guest are honestly great fun, hearing all the behind the curtain talks about England trips and players cars leaves such a smile on your face. Some genuine feel-good belly laughs in the podcast and that’s why it ended up on our list of ones to watch out for.



4. TED Talks Daily

 This one probably doesn’t need in any introduction, TED talks have become a huge internet sensation over the years and is there any wonder why when they cover such a variety of topics? This podcast has it all, If you like Ted Talks, there’s plenty of content here, and endless ways to consume it—and if English isn’t your first language, this may be the best way to search for and listen to the lectures. Ted tries to make the world of ideas accessible to a larger audience; this podcast certainly helps that mission.



5. The Chris Moyles on Radio X Podcast 

The legend himself who is Chris Moyles makes this list with his fantastic podcast with a huge list of British and International celebrities such as Samuel L Jackson, Nick Frost, Paul Rudd and many more. Combine this with his hilarious humour, wit and sometimes controversial comments, you’ve got yourself one glorious podcast. You can listen to the Chris Moyles show on Radio X weekdays from 6:30 am. Radio X is available on 104.9 FM in London and 97.7 FM in Manchester, on digital radio across the UK, on mobile and via www.RadioX.co.uk. Or, you can get the very best of the show every Friday!